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Lowered Expectations
nat. an introverted sarcastic south indian girl aboard atm. grad student/sociology. lover of too many things to list in this box. i'm still not sure what i'm doing on tumblr.

i had some time to kill today, so thank you guys, and good night.

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leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women


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 yeah no

i kept looking and looking and looking and they left laverne cox off the fucking list

you can go check but she’s not there

fuck time magazine

that’s bullshit

laverne cox got left off but MILEY CYRUS is on it?

And they took off Lupita? What the actual fuck?!

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Thinking about your crush like


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i had to draw something if not i will go insane from uni life

so have a rhodeytony for your brotp/otp need <33 also the first photo is not mine but i found it on tumblr somewhere and i forgot the source sorry ;v;

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marvel ladies: 4. Natasha Romanoff // Black Widow

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A reminder for today that supporting the idea that Oxford or Sir Francis Bacon or whoever wrote Shakespeare’s works is inherently classist and undermines the very essence of what makes Shakespeare great: the universality of his writing.

Shakespeare didn’t write to impress academics or to become reknown in literary circles, he wrote because he loved it and he loved acting and the theater, because he liked showing people up and he liked getting paid.

Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays where the main characters are noble, yes, but he wrote actors too — and teenage kids and poor grad students and nurses. His nobles aren’t memorable because they are grand but because anyone can relate to them, Hamlet’s not special to us because he’s a prince but because many of us can see our struggles in his thoughts and actions.

Do not let Oxfordians or Baconians take away what is special about Shakespeare: that he was an ordinary man writing plays not just for nobles or kings, for landowners or the highly educated elite but for ordinary people — for apprentices and butchers and merchant’s wives and maids. His company performed at court, but they also performed at the Globe, where you could get in for a penny if you didn’t mind standing in a crowd.

The Authorship Question isn’t really about discovering “who really wrote Shakespeare,” it’s about elitists being upset and confused and angry because the greatest works in the English language were written by the son of a well-off tradesman who never went to college. 

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